Bacharach on the Rhine river in Germany
Valley of the Lorelei rock between Mainz, Rheinhessen, Bingen, St. Goar, Boppard and Koblenz / Coblence on the Moselle river

Bacharach am Rhein, © 2000 Foto Paul Stahl
View towards the town of Bacharach on the Rhine river, which has existed before the Romans and whose name can be lead back to the celtic settlement - Baccaracum. Thefirst documentary mention of the town was in the year 923.
In the background you can also see (from left to right) Peterskirche (church of St. Peter), Wernerkapelle (ruin of Werner chapel) and Liebesturm (tower of love).
Right on the Rhine hills is castle Stahleck - whose exact accruement time isn't known, but it's been proved that the castle was already inhabited in the year 1095. Big picture

"Gasthaus Stahl is a real gem of a place, in that wonderful, scenic location up in the hills above the Rhine, in classic tiny Dellhofen village, yet only minutes away from the walled cities of Oberwesel and Bacharach, right on the river.
There are enough castles and other places of interest within 30-90 minutes of pleasant driving to keep tourists busy for a long time, but the serenity of the inn itself is the best feature.
The rooms are so classic, yet they have all the modern touches we need. The furnishings and atmosphere of the inn are from times we thought had gone past, and it was great to just soak in the gemutlichkeit! ... "
R J Del Vecchio, Fuquay-Varina, NC
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Gewölbe-Weinkeller, © 2000 Foto Paul StahlThe old brick arch wine cellar of the Winery Stahl, in which the wines are stored; the wine grapes are self-grown and the wines are self-made. Wine tasting for groups up to 30 people in the brick arch wine cellar. You'll become a romantic feeling with the lights off and set aglow in candlelight. "The wine tasting at Weingut Stahl is truly educational, with more varieties of flavorful German wines than most Americans ever realize exist. I think that is worth the trip in itself."
R J Del Vecchio, Fuquay-Varina, NC
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Bacharach vom anderen Rheinufer aus gesehen. © 2000 Foto Paul StahlBacharach with castle Stahleck
View from the opposite Rhine river side of Bacharach in direction of the castle Stahleck, which was called castle Stabekkum or castle Stahleckthum in the past. From Bacharach you can make half day round cruises to many towns and castles along the Rhine river between Boppard, St. Goar with castle Rheinfels, St. Goarshausen with castle Katz, Lorelei rock, Oberwesel with castle Schonburg, Kaub with castle Gutenfels and water castle Pfalz, Trechtingshausen with castle Reichenstein, Assmannshausen with cable car to the Rhine hills with Niederwald monument, Bingen with castle Klopp and Rudesheim with another cable car to the Rhine hills and Niederwald monument. Big picture

Marktplatz in Bacharach, © 1999 Foto Paul StahlBacharach Market place
The market place in Bacharach with view on just a few of the many half-timbered houses you can admire during your stay in the adorable town. On the left, the famous "Old house". In the background the "Kurpfalzische Munze" (gold and silver money was made there in the middle ages).
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Posthof in Bacharach mit Blick auf die Ruibe der Wernerkapelle. © 1999 Foto Paul StahlBacharach Posthof and ruin of Werner chapel
The comfortable and snug Bacharach Posthof (post yard) where you can relax with view on the ruins of the Werner chapel in the background, which deems as a landmark of the town Bacharach. Apart from the matter of course to keep the most possible remains of artist work of past eras, there are 3 more special reasons for the preservation of the Werner chapel: in the still existing perpetuity in the form you can see today: its memorable formation in coherence with chaotic and awful excesses against the Jews, its meaning as a high Gothic work of art and its reception in the age of the romanticism.
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Marktturm in Bacharach und Burg Stahleck, © 1999 Foto Paul StahlBacharach Market tower
The market tower (Marktturm) is one of the 10 towers which used to be part of the town wall with the castle Stahleck in the background.
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